Laura is amazing. I've been seeing her off and on for over ten years. Her practice of Neuromuscular Reprogramming is incredibly effective, overcoming whatever terrible knot i've tied my body into from running, snowboarding, or just hunching over a computer for way too many hours in a row. I'd swear her fingers had eyes of their own, able to find every fundamental problem in my muscles and joints. She's the best. -- Dani Beaumont, Yelp San Francisco


Laura has given me my body back.  When I came to her in 2000, I had been dealing with sciatica for 20 years.  I had seen doctors, undergone MRIs and physical therapy and had taken pain pills.  I had been offered steroid shots and surgery.  I had given up.  After several weeks of consistent therapy, Laura gave me my first relief;  now I no longer suffer from sciatica. I have become confident about taking care of my body since I started working with Laura. When I have pain, I no longer panic. I've learned  to stretch and move to work out the gnarlies. When I go to Laura now after something has acted up, I often find that I've been able to figure out for myself how to alleviate the pain and provide myself some relief. I'm conscious now of how my body works and how my bones and tendons and muscles all fit together. Laura has become one of my best teachers. -- Marie Mosher


Laura Pettibone has the strongest hands around! She gives a great, straightforward massage, but more than that, she specializes in neuromuscular massage therapy. This very interesting modality can be most useful to recover from injuries or simply to improve your general physical strength. Neuromuscular massage therapy seems to release deep tension and allows you to move differently than you did before. I think Laura is very good at what she does. Her prices are reasonable for the service she offers and her offices are comfortable and clean.  -- Amy H, Insider Pages


Laura Pettibone is a truly gifted bodyworker.  Her skills and talents go far beyond standard massage (though she does that fabulously).  Some time ago I had a wrist injury that led to tendonitis.  For months, I couldn't even turn the key in my car ignition without experiencing pain.  I finally came to see Laura.  She assessed the injury through her effective method of muscle testing and she isolated the core muscles involved.  She then proceeded to work on the injured muscles and tendons.  She gave me tips on ways to treat myself. Within weeks, my pain was gone.  I would highly recommend her, and I often do, both to people who are looking for an excellent all-around massage and those who have a specific musculoskeletal problem that needs treatment. -- Linda Pope, M.D., Family Practitioner

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