Rehabilitative Therapy


Since 1992, I have treated clients who have repetitive stress symptoms, tendonitis, low back pain,  sports injuries, disc-related symptoms, whiplash and regular tension.  I bring balance to a massage session; this might mean balancing the tight muscles and the weak muscles, releasing adhesions, normalizing joint function, reducing stress, or pratcicing proper stretching techniques.  I am trained in these techniques:  Swedish massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, reflexology, orthopedic massage, craniosacral therapy and neuromuscular reprogramming (nmr). Read more about proper stretching techniques here.



Neuromuscular Reprogramming


Neuromuscular Reprogramming  (nmr) is a massage technique focused on balancing the muscles and joints in the body.  It is  very effective for healing injuries.   It focuses on releasing tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles to provide overall balance.  By engaging muscles with slight resistance and releasing  tight muscles, one can tone  weak muscles and begin to shift compensation patterns in the body.   Read more about NMR here.



Ergonomic Evaluation


When a client arrives in my office with an injury, we talk about what caused the problem.  Very often, improper body posture while sitting at a desk, driving, or lifting can cause problems.  Sometimes we make slight changes in how you are working out, walking or standing.  It is common to have compensation patterns for weaknesses.  These compensations can go on for months and years without any consequences and then one day they "suddenly" act up. It is common for someone to think they are at the gym working out a muscle, when in fact that muscle is not firing at all.


A careful evaluation of how you move is helpful to resolving painful issues.  I sometimes travel to the office or gym to make an accurate evaluation.  Many times these adjustments help resolve an injury or pain.






Half Hour -- $50


Hour -- $100


Hour and a Half -- $150



Gift Certificates


Gift certificates available. Please fill out a contact form with the amount you are interested and your contact details.

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