Laura Pettibone Massage


Laura Pettibone is a truly gifted bodyworker.  Her skills and talents go far beyond standard massage (though she does that fabulously).  -- Linda Pope, M.D., Family Practitioner


Laura is amazing. I've been seeing her off and on for over ten years. Her practice of Neuromuscular Reprogramming is incredibly effective, overcoming whatever terrible knot I've tied my body into from running, snowboarding, or just hunching over a computer for way too many hours in a row. -- Dani Beaumont, Yelp San Francisco




Massage and Rehabilitative Therapy


Are your muscles tight or sore?  Do you have an injury?  Is your low back stiff?  Do your knees hurt?  Does it hurt to use the computer?




You can feel strong and pain-free.


My focus in a massage session is bringing the body into balance. I use a variety of modalities to relieve pain and restore strength.

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